About Greensboro College

Main BuildingRich in tradition and history, Greensboro College was originally chartered in 1838 as one of the earliest women’s colleges in the South. “For more than a century and a half, Greensboro College has advanced the status of women, helped realize a progressive vision of North Carolina, and inculcated thousands of students with the ideals of enlightened Christianity through a commitment to Methodism and the liberal arts.”* Since becoming co-educational in 1954, Greensboro College has helped both men and women to unlock their potential through a continuing emphasis on community, respect, and pride.

Written by Miss Letha Brock in 1913, the poem “Our College Home” remains representative of the depth of emotion and sentiment which so many alumni have for Greensboro College:

Our College Home

To thee, to thee, we bring our praise;
With thee are spent our happiest days.
No matter what, in after years
Shall come to pass, whether joy or fears,
Yet to thy name shall always cling
Blessed, holy memories.

Though in thy youth, misfortune’s blast
Twice wrecked thy wall with crackling flames,
‘Twas these alone which perished then,
And not thine old and honored name.

Beneath the trials which thou hast borne
Thy proud head may have bowed,
Yet now with courage strong, in turn,
It towers toward the clouds.

As one on whom the cares of life
Have left no mark of age,
Thou stand’st undaunted by the fiercest storm,
Which above thy head may rage.

And if in the years that are to come
Thy stately walls shall fall,
Thy influence still lives on and on
To guide us one and all.

May the joys which lie before thee
Be the best thou has ever borne;
May the gifts which thou hast given
Redound to thee, our college home.

From the “Collected Works of Letha Brock”


Explore the College’s rich history through this timeline that contains at least one fact for every year of the College’s existence! 170 years and counting…

Topics covered include administrative, financial, academic, social, and cultural facts, amongst others.

For general information about the college, check out the main website at museum.greensboro.edu.

*Quote from Douglas Bristol, “A preliminary inventory of institutional records and manuscripts at Greensboro College” (Draft Copy, Greensboro College, 1992).