GC’s African American History

The content in these web sections is best used as a supplement to, not a substitute for, a visit to the “Glimpse of GC’s African American History” exhibit in the Brock Museum, 3rd Floor Main Bldg. The exhibit room is not regularly open, but individuals or classes can request access by contacting Elena Henry, Director of Advancement Services, (ehenry@greensboro.edu, x5228, Main 227) or Dr. Mike Sistrom, History dept. chair (sistromm@greensboro.edu, x5306, PHW 224.)

The web content will continue to expand. If you have suggestions for particular additions or revisions, feel free to email those to Dr. Sistrom.

We hope that the Brock Museum adds to your understanding of the rich history of Greensboro College.


Greensboro Female College During Slavery and Freedom, 1846-1900

Greensboro Female College and Greensboro in the Jim Crow Era, 1900-1954

Greensboro College in the Civil Rights Era, 1954-1973

Growing Black Presence in the Modern Era, 1973-2000

21st Century African American Greensboro College


This web contents builds on material originally created by Desmond Coble (‘04) as a work-study student working with Lindsay Lambert, former Brock Museum director. A grant from the college’s Center for Effective Teaching and Learning and additional funds from the Vice-President for Academic Affairs supported the expansion of Coble’s original exhibit and web project. In Spring 2016, Dr. Sistrom’s African American History course and Civil Rights Movement seminar worked alongside Amanda Holland, a master’s student in Public History at UNC Greensboro, to create the new physical exhibit in the Brock and the text, visual, and audio web-based components in the above pages.
The following students contributed to the project: Jada Allen, Robby Barnes, Addison Billups, Markez Brown, Abby Bugger, Tessie Chapman, Joey Cohen, Sam Connors, Vheenah Dei-Tumi, Paul Freeman, Jazmine Hedgepath, Emma Honeycutt, Tianna Johnson, Jonathan King, Suzanne McCleneghan, Justin McKinney, Shayla Moss, Albin Pettersson, Andrew Ray, Stef Robba, Colin Salmons, Nia Scott, Melanie Smith, Chris Thomas and TJ Thomas.
Additional thanks to: Desmond Coble and Tica Green ‘94 for their inspiration and continued support of the project since 2012; the other African American alumni who provided their “voices” and perspectives; Elena Henry ‘02, for valuable research assistance; Dr. Jason Rogers’s research methods class for providing survey data on the campus racial climate, and Lex Alexander, Director of Communications, for mounting the web content.