The Class Dolls

In A Class Of Their Own:
The Class Dolls

As part of the College’s centennial celebration in 1938, Miss Elba Henninger, professor of speech and dramatic art, conceived the idea for a pageant that would depict what life at the College had been like during its first one hundred years. A great deal of research was necessary in order to ensure the authenticity of the costumes for the centennial pageant.

At the Alumnae Association’s annual meeting the following year, “the alumnae decided to undertake a project which they thought would eliminate much of that research when our college stages its bicentennial pageant in 2038.” A letter was sent to each class of which there was a living member requesting them to dress a doll ten to twelve inches tall in costume representative of the year of their graduation.

The response to the Alumnae Association’s request was overwhelming, and by Alumnae Day, 1940, thirty-one class dolls had been donated, seventeen of which represented classes before 1901. Later classes followed the pattern that had been set in place, and a tradition was born.

To date, over 130 dolls, representing more than 100 classes, have been donated. Since men were admitted as residents in 1956, some classes have chosen to donate more than one doll. Other classes have chosen to donate dolls representative of something other than clothing styles. Some dolls record trends within a class, others represent the attitudes and perspectives of a class.

Class Dolls digitally photographed by Elizabeth Lawrence.
Class Doll page also created by Elizabeth Lawrence.
Fall 2004

Dolls from 1861 to 1884
Dolls from 1885 to 1893
Dolls from 1894 to 1898
Dolls from 1900 to 1905
Dolls from 1906 to 1913
Doll from 1908
Out of sequence due to size.
Doll from 1912
Out of sequence due to size.
Dolls from 1914 to 1919
Dolls from 1920 to 1925
Doll from 1926
Dolls from 1927 to 1932
Dolls from 1933 to 1937
Dolls from 1938 to 1945
Doll from 1941
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Dolls from 1946 to 1953
Doll from 1954
Dolls from 1955 to 1963
Doll from 1960
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Dolls from 1964 to 1965
Doll from 1966
Dolls from 1967 to 1968
Dolls from 1960 to 1972
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Couple Dolls from 1974 to 1977

Couple doll from 1978 to 1980

Couple Dolls from 1981

Animal couple dolls from 1982
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