Museum: HERstory

HERstory, 1846-1946: Listen to voices from the past, narrated by GC students, faculty, and alumni.


Laura Crum
Miss Laura Crump
(Class of 1848)
Date of Memory: 1858
Miss Crump became one of the college’s first six graduates.
2:38. Voice by Ashley Maack 2010


Nancy Witcher Keene
Miss Nancy Witcher Keene
(Class of 1861)
Date of Memory: 1872
Miss Keene, who later became the mother of Lady Astor, graduated in 1861.
2:26. Voice by Dr. Robin Monteith

Dora Duty Jones

Miss Dora Duty Jones
(Class of 1875)
Date of Memory: 1890
Miss Jones became Lady Principal following the death of her mother.
2:17. Voice by Martin Logan 2011

Nannie Lee Smith

Miss Nannie Lee Smith
(Class of 1893)
Date of Memory: 1903
A decade after graduating, Miss Smith became the college’s “Joan of Arc” in 1903 when she helped prevent the sale of the college.
1:40. Voice by Ashley Maack 2010

Lucy Robertson

Mrs. Lucy H. Robertson
(President from 1902-1913)
Date of Memory: 1913
Mrs. Lucy H. Robertson became the college’s 8th president in 1902.
3:06 – Voice by Dr. Judy Cheatham.

Virginia Clemmer

Miss Virginia Clemmer
(Attended 1911-1913)
Date of Memory: 1915
Miss Clemmer attended the college from 1911 to 1913. She is shown in native attire in Jerusalem on the 1913 Middle East trip.
2:01. Voice by Martina Logan 2011

Mary Brock

Miss Mary Brock
(Class of 1924)
Date of Memory: 1969
After her graduation in 1924, Miss Mary Brock worked at the college until she retired in 1969. She also started the museum endowment.
2:29. Voice by Dr. Robin Monteith

Hannah Davis

Miss Hannah Davis
(Class of 1947)
Date of Memory: 2009
Mrs. Hannah Hammer, class of 1947, was the recipient of an Alumni Excellence award in 2009.
4:38 – Excerpts from a 2009 interview with Mrs. Hammer.

Barbara Reynolds

Miss Barbara Reynolds
(Class of 1957)
Date of Memory:
Mrs. Barbara Valentine, class of 1957, was the recipient of a Distinguished Alumni award in 2008.
4:28 – Excerpts from a 2011 interview with Mrs. Valentine

Allen Kivett

Mr. Allen Kivett
(Class of 1960)
Mr. Kivett, class of 1960, was among the college’s early male graduates.
2:24 – Excerpts from a 2011 interview with Mr. Kivett