Museum: Main Building Images

Photograph Collection – Main Building
(Selected Images, circa 1845-1941)

This is an artificial collection of photographs of Main Building (circa 1845-1941). The photographs in this collection have come from a variety of sources over a period of years.

This collection shows how the exterior and interior of Main Building looked between 1845 and 1941 and helps to give a sense of what it would have been like to have been at the College during that time frame.

Status: Non-Circulating

Original type and size of photographs varies. These images available online represent only a portion of the photographs of Main Building. Viewing access to additional images is available through the Museum. For information regarding reproductions and/or use, please see Terms of Use .

Technical Notes: None

Technical Specs:
Master images saved as uncompressed TIFF files at 600 dpi in either true color or grayscale depending on the original and/or the amount of sepia tone present – unaltered image size. Access and thumbnail images saved as JPEG files, medium to high quality, at 300 and 100 dpi respectively in either true color or grayscale depending on the original and/or the amount of sepia tone present – image size altered, 600 pixels wide or tall respectively.

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1st Main Building – Completed in 1845, burned in 1863
West and East wings added in 1856 and 1859, respectively
(circa 1860)
Main Building in the process of being reconstructed after the 1863 fire. (circa 1871)
2nd Main Building – Completed in 1873, burned in 1904
(circa 1890s)
2nd Main Building, 1873-1904
Chapel / Stage
(circa 1895)
2nd Main Building, 1873-1904
Ethel Carr Peacock Reading Room (Library)
(circa 1895)
2nd Main Building, 1873-1904
Irving Literary Society Hall
(circa 1895)
2nd Main Building, 1873-1904
Emerson Literary Society Hall
(circa 1895)
2nd Main Building, 1873-1904
Art Studio

(circa 1895)
2nd Main Building, 1873-1904
Chemical Laboratory

(circa 1895)
2nd Main Building, 1873-1904
Physical Laboratory

(circa 1895)
2nd Main Building, 1873-1904
Dining Room

(circa 1895)
2nd Main Building, 1873-1904
Engine and Dynamo Room

(circa 1895)
Reconstruction on Main Building after the 1904 fire
In the center area, the beginning curve of the Rotunda can be seen
3rd Main Building – Completed in 1904, burned in 1941
3rd Main Building, 1904-1941
Nighttime view of the Rotunda
3rd Main Building, 1904-1941
Library, Second Floor of the Rotunda
(circa 1930)

Additional photographs of Main Building can be seen in the College’s View Books.