Museum: “Beyond Books & Buildings” Project Information

Project Information:
Greensboro College’s Relationship to the Larger Project

Greensboro College was one of six charter institutions to contribute to the Beyond Books and Buildings: North Carolina’s History of Higher Education Digital Project . Over time, additional institutions across the state will contribute digitized collections of their own, thereby continually enhancing the project’s value.

The project seeks to bring together digitized collections documenting the history of higher education in North Carolina.

Greensboro College’s initial contribution (~1150 pages/images) to the project focuses primarily on the time period between 1830 and 1941. Through the documents, books, and photographs available online from the College, it is possible to gain a better sense of the significant events and time periods in the College’s early history, the College’s educational and social development, and what life was like at the College during that time frame. (11/11/04) – Several hundred additional pages of materials have been added to the College’s online archives since that initial contribution to the larger project.

Greensboro College’s Beyond Books and Buildings project website is a website within the Brock Historical Museum of Greensboro College website and serves as the College’s online archives. The Museum website focuses on exhibits, while the Beyond Books and Buildings project site focuses on making archival materials accessible.

The original portion of Greensboro College’s contribution to the project was 100% supported with LSTA funds made possible through a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences, administered by the State Library of North Carolina, a division of the Department of Cultural Resources.