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Selected material relating to the sale (1882) and repurchase (1884) of the College

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By the early 1880s, the College was in serious financial difficulty, and the Trustees ordered the sale of the College in 1882. A group of prominent Methodist laymen, of whom one was J.M. Odell and of whom several were involved with the North Carolina Railroad Company, purchased the College on June 5, 1882. Through their support and management, the school was able to continue operating.

Two years later, the North Carolina Railroad Company resold the College to the Greensboro Female College Association (Alumni) which was established in 1884. Through “An Act For The Promotion of Female Education,” the College was able to secure the right to sells bonds, a financial move that helped in the short term.

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$500 bond
$500 bond issued by the Greensboro
Female College Association in 1884

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Announcement for the sale of Greensboro Female College – June 5, 1882 (Greensboro Newspaper)
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An Act For The Promotion of Female Education -1883
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$100 Bond – 1884
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$500 Bond – 1884
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Land Deed – March 3, 1884
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June 5, 1882 (Greensboro Newspaper)
Announcement – Sale of Greensboro Female College

1882 Sale Announcement

Transcription – An Act For The Promotion Of Female Education, 1883
Handwriting in blue.

An Act for the Promotion
Female Education

Whereas, the Greensboro Female College Association, a Corporation organized under the general Corporation Act of this State, has assumed and become liable for the debts, and obligations of “The Greensboro Female College,” in order to relieve it from its pressing burdens, and to prevent its being sold under mortgage, and probably diverted from the purposes of education, and in order to promote education, and the growth of learning;
And Whereas, it is the policy of the State to foster and encourage by all lawful means such institutions of learning:

The General Assembly of North Carolina do enact:

Section l. That the Greensboro Female College Association, by its proper officers, shall have the power to issue bonds or other evidences of indebtedness; and, in order to secure the same, may make and execute a mortgage or mortgages upon all its state, property and effects, both real and personal: Provided such bonds shall not in the aggregate amount to more than the sum of Forty Thousand Dollars.

Section 2. That said bonds shall be of such denomination, as the stock-holders, or a majority of them, shall prefer, and shall not run for a longer period than thirty years from the date of their issue, and shall not bear a greater rate of interest than six percent per annum.

Section 3. That to such bonds shall be attached coupons for the interest upon said bonds, said coupons to become due annually, and each coupon shall be for a sum equal to the interest upon the bond to which it is attached for one year.

Section 4. That the coupons upon said bonds shall be receivable in payment of all dues to the Association.

Section 5. That all bonds so issued shall be signed by the President of the Association, and countersigned by the Secretary thereof, and shall be exempt from all state, county, and municipal taxation in the hands of the holders.

Section 6. That the exemption from taxation shall cease whenever the property of said Corporation shall cease to be used for educational purposes.

Section 7. That this act shall be in force from and after its ratification. In the General Assembly read three times, and ratified this the 27th day of February, A. D. 1883.

Office of Secretary of State
27th February 1883

I, William L. Saunders, Secretary of State of the State of North Carolina, do hereby certify the foregoing (three sheets) to be a true copy from the records of this office.

W. L. Saunders [signature]
Secretary of State